10 Items to Freshen up your look for Fall!

It finally feels like Fall is here after a very hot and sticky early Fall. Now that the cooler temps are kicking in you may be starting to pull out some of your past Fall looks, some of them inevitably eliciting a groan. I know I do: I think, “well, they look so cute on Pinterest.” Or I think, “I don’t have the time, patience, or the funds to properly update.” The truth of the matter is that the foundations of styles and fashions do not change overnight, or even change drastically from one season to the next – it is a gradual shift over time. These suggestions are really geared toward the out-of-office and more casual looks; another blog post will cover high style, office looks and evening.

This is my Top 10 for this season. Even if you just implement three or four it could make an impact in the wardrobe renovation process.

10. Knit pullover sweater, in a slightly longer Length, with a dolman, batwing, or another interesting sleeve. A not-so-fitted roomier look is the key. Color can make or break a fashionable choice. Don’t you dare think, “Oh, I totally got that: I will just pull out that old sweater I had from 1992 in the burnt rose color … it has a tight turtle neck, not really a chunky knit and super plain styling, but it basically looks right.” Hold on!!!! Toss it, don’t try to bring fashion back. Just bite the bullet and go fresh. Antropologie has some great sweaters this season (see pics).


9. Skinny pull-on jean with a high waist. My favorite brand of these is the Liverpool Jeans Company. Now you may be thinking those look like pregnancy jeans. But what I love about these is 1) you have to go down a size for the right fit and 2) the front is totally flat, so when you are wearing a belted longer top (more on that later), or just an untucked top, it is completely flat in the front with no button mark poking out of your top. These are a stretch denim material, NOT knit. Let me say that again, stretch denim NOT knit. IF you have the knit leggings that look like jeans, burn them right now … don’t you dare even donate them! Do not perpetuate that fashion travesty!


8. Stove pipe leg jean with a high waist. Dark wash. The trend right now is ripped or almost ripped. I say: No, mamma, No! This is not classic and will not carry you for a few seasons. Unless you are super skinny and super tight (which most of us are not), nobody wants to see skin or the like hanging or bulging out of those tears. There are plenty of styles to choose from that do not cause people to stumble in disbelief.


7. Long cardigan sweater or shirt over the above denim pants. A casual, cute, and sassy look. This will give a put-together fashionable vibe that says casual/cool and not trying too hard.



6. A cute top with the above jeans to wear out to dinner. Texture is the name of the game for these pop-on fashion looks, whether it is ruffles, lace, embroidery … look for something fun with a little texture.


5. Raglan 3/4 length sleeve knit top for casual running around. It is cute with a little pattern on the sleeves, and it will look like you are actually trying a little, when you are really not and just threw it on because it is super comfy.


4. Plaid: this is by far the standout pattern of the season. This is not your father’s favorite flannel. Many of the plaids out now are just a take on the old, but have cute new colors and patterns as well as the cute new sleeve details I told you about in #9 above. If you really want to get with it, you can combine your styles like I did with a long plaid shirt with a cute paisley pattern on the back. I got crazy amounts of compliments on this shirt. While I was reluctant in trying it on (in fear that it looked a little like PJs), I quickly got over that!


3. In the Spring I talked about white sneakers with metallic accents. These are still a hot item … rock those cuties! For another great Fall bump up, sport the full metallic sneaker or full metallic shoe boot. These can really give your outfit a boost, and they act just like a neutral so you can really wear them with almost anything.


2. Camo! Yes, I said it, camo. Not the hunting camo, with the florescent orange lining like my husband has in a box in the basement. I mean fashion-forward skinny camo pants with the cute pleated knees. Now, I have had many people say, “Oh, I can’t wear those … I feel silly or they make me look chunky.” I say hogwash to that! If you wear them the right way they can look super cute. Wear it with the long top above and a cute necklace, or the top with the handkerchief hem and batwing sleeve (it covers you in all the right places).


1. My favorite boots. Almost any boot these days can be a winner: the short boot with the stacked chunky heal, your classic riding boot, pointy toe stiletto heel boot. Metallic boots are huge right now. Or my all-time favorite boot: the over the knee. (Wear the over the knee boot with a leather look shirt dress and a long card, and you will be the envy of all the girls – your kids will be thinking you’re super cool too.)


Remember, just a few updated pieces can really transform your look! Add some accessories from natural looking materials like leather, wood, or the “horn look.” Belting your long tops is a look we will be seeing more of too. You will be set to look great and feel great this Fall and coming into the holiday season.

Thanks for reading my Blog. I would love to hear your questions and comments below. Subscribe and come back for how to set a holiday table with your old holiday decorations made new!


27 thoughts on “10 Items to Freshen up your look for Fall!

    1. Absolutely and This season you absolutely can have great style combined with comfort and feel like your walking around in PJ’s, that don’t look like PJ’s 😉

  1. I love the look of a long cardigan, even though I have short legs, sometimes it makes me look even shorter…I don’t care though!

    1. Thanks for your comment Melissa , even if your legs are on the shorter side, you can rock a longer Cardi with the right skinny pant/Jean! I am average height so I love a good clog or wedge to give me a little more left hand the ability to wear more styles!

  2. I love these ideas! With my girls out on their own,I struggle with making sure I still look “cool”, and these were very helpful tips!

    1. Thanks so Much! With my background in fashion design , I see a need for all women no matter what age/stage to feel good in their cloths. Great style can be enjoyed by everyone.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I am excited for the detail shift in sweaters/ knits that is branching out beyond the basics!

  3. I could probably use a few pieces. I really love the boots. I never really wore them until last year. Now I like to wear them all winter! I also enjoy leggings or jeans with a longer sweater. I’m ready to go shopping now!

  4. This mom of eight, LOVES that the high-waist jean is back. You really can’t beat some jeggings and a big pullover sweater- comfort and style! Love fall.

    1. That is really where Fashion is moving,comfort and style , the phrase “ suffer for fashion” is quickly becoming antiquated, sadly!

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