Wardrobe Fog

Have you ever stood in the middle of your closet and looked in bleery eyed around your closet and thought “for mercy sakes , I have all these cloths and nothing to wear?” Then you wear the same three outfits all the time , maybe out of exhaustion or laziness. I get hooked on a few outfits mostly because they are there ,I know they will fit if I just wore them and the most pivotal reason , if I grab something other than my go to’s try it on and they don’t fit , it will send me into a day long …maybe a week-long spiral of self hate and plotting for my next dieting adventure and really who has time for that ?

For me this has only become a problem since I moved to the suburbs, working in Fashion in NYC its really not like Sex in the City. You just don’t have the closet space to have an extensive wardrobe. Not to mention the majority of your income is spent on astronomical rent and have your income goes to taxes. So yes, having ins with the sample sale circuit is key, but you do have to be ruthless in what stays and what goes , new jeans in, old jeans out and then you save yourself some psychological spiraling to because your current size is always present. Not to mention always on trend. Now if you really strike gold in NYC you can have the walk through closet like Carey Bradshaw, I mean really you dont need a living room, just make it a closet. You always go out in NYC anyway, you dont invite people over.

Have you heard of the capsule wardrobe ? having about 20-30 pieces you can mix and match for many different outfits and one of the best parts of all it frees up so much closet space you can add furniture and art work to your closet. Supposedly this idea brings peace and tranquility and closet space. For me the brain fog of mom life and confusion on what to pick , even with thirty pieces would still cost me 15-30 minutes a day or more in finding the pieces as well as coordinating them. I have heard that Steve Jobs and other high profile executives thinks it frees creativity and brain space to wear a uniform. My husband said Jim Harbaugh (coach of the Michigan wolverines) has been wearing Khakis and a collar shirt for years for this reason.

My first instinct when hearing about uniform dressing many years ago and than again recently was HECK NO. Then insert a snooty tone, “I was a fashion designer and it would squash my creativity, not to mention what would my friends and the moms think.” they be tempted to wisper.” Is Kimberli ok? She has been wearing the same cloths for two weeks now.” and wont people get bored seeing me in the same thing? So it may be a little humerous watching people search thier words for a different conversation started than , Wow great top!

I am taking on the Challenge and Renaming the good old uniform. Static Wardrobe, I am in the process of finding the perfect pieces , but it will go something like this. 3-5 tee shirts , 3 skirts ( i like skirts ) 1 pair of jeans, one jacket for evening or business , one jacket fot weather and 3 cardigan sweater. A dressy necklace, a casual necklace, a scarf and 3 pairs of shoes , Birkenstocks, wedges and sneakers. If you are wondering all the pieces are the same style and color. as far as work out cloths , i tend to wear the same thing anyway.

Do you think I can make it 30 days? Do you think it will drive me insane? You will have to come back and see. Pics to come



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