Day 8 The Best Intentions

Day 8 We rushed home from our trip even though the kids were off school, because I had head shots for my business. Up to this point in my entrepreneurial journey I have not felt I needed them. Now I do. My cropped snap shots from my phone are no longer cutting it.  It is a little surprising to me that I have not needed them before now: most fashion people did have them, and updated them every few years (for fashion’s sake).  But I always considered them a waste of money, and frankly a little vain. Now in this digital age it is necessary if you’re running a business or three, that you have a shot in your back pocket.

The outfit was simple: my jean skirt, white oxford and blazer. But since I did wear the shirt on Fridaynight and I wanted to look extra crisp for the pictures, I actually did iron. Ironing is about a 2x maybe 3x a year event for me. I literally had to learn to iron for my degree, we had ironing class, like it was an art form. It’s not that I despise it or get overly frustrated by it. In fact I even see the art in it (believe it or not there is actually art in ironing). I just don’t have the time and as I prioritize my activities, ironing is pretty much at the bottom of my list. Maybe if I had a sewing room set up with my ironing board and iron that lived there it would be easier to just run in and iron.

I ran out with my tee shirt, bling-y green necklace and jean skirt, crisp white shirt, and blazer on the hanger. I get out to the car, and much to my dismay the battery was dead. My daughter was earning money earlier by cleaning the car, but she did not realize if you run the a/c with the engine off it runs down the battery, so there I am in tears, my first head shots ever and I ironed, there was no way I would make it in time for my appointment. Tim was rushing to the rescue and the photographer was gracious enough to rearrange her schedule to give me another appointment an hour later. Tim and I just switched cars and I was off. Much to my dismay the photographer was not there when I showed up 1/2 hour away from my house. I guess I missed the message that her kid got sick at school and she had to cancel. Needless to say, I never got my headshots … hopefully soon. Some days it just seems more worthwhile to hide under the covers until the destruction passes. But based on my past fight-or-flight response, almost 99.8 % of the time I put my dukes up. I should have listened to my inner voice: the day continued to spiral with one thing after another … even Tim and I driving to the wrong Bible study location that evening and being late having to get across town to the right house. Making lemon martinis out of lemons, I tried to think of the upside. That was surely a challenge, I got nothing … so we will just put that day behind us and move on.

How do you choose an outfit for a head shot? Generally, you want sleeves, nothing too low cut or flashy. Less is more, because you want the focus to be on your face.  Many of the experts say if you have blonde hair and a fair complexion don’t wear white, wear pastel colors that accentuate your eye color, and also not wash you out. Like other Fashion Rules I chose not to follow this instruction. Because I have a good bit of Native American and Lithuanian heritage, I have darker skin and blonde hair (even if I do help the blonde a bit). I was meant to be blonde.

What else to know about the head shot outfit? You will want to wear a dark bottom in case any shows. Do not wear your sweats or yoga pants … which just is not a good look for public consumption anyway, but you certainly don’t want those undermining the professionalism of having dressed for success up top.

This experiment has greatly helped my punctuality. I love being on time and it is usually a part of my m.o. to operate on a schedule. Even with the obstacles of children and husband.  After my disappointing day, I was happy to roll into the car on time, even after sitting at my computer and working until the very last minute.  Wearing exactly the same thing, it has crossed my mind: I wonder if the people I am seeing have read my blog or know of my fashion experiment … or are they concerned with my sanity that I have on the same outfit as last Monday?

There are some psychological hurdles for me to overcome in this whole experiment. Coming home from school as a child, the first question was usually who did you talk to and the second question was usually did anyone say they like your outfit? Basically, I was trained very early on to think being recognized for what you wear has real importance. Those tapes do not get erased very easily. However, with the static wardrobe now I can move through my day not expecting people will comment on my outfit since I am wearing the same thing, over and over again. A teacher I was talking to was actually excited about this aspect of the experiment since she thought it would take the distraction of different outfits away from her students, so they could be more focused and not ask questions about her wardrobe choices.

Coming up: updates on laundry, the closet situation and squelching static wardrobe boredom.  If you are interested in purchasing an original fashion sketch, print or note cards comment below and fill out the contact info, I will make sure I get in touch with you.

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