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Day 5 was Good Friday, and we were going out of town the next day.  I had to go to the salon (getting’ blonded up, y’all!) and go to church and dinner with my family. Also on the agenda: packing for a quick Easter weekend trip south.

Packing was actually super simple from my end, and even moreso than I had expected: I had my static wardrobe outfit plus my Easter dress. I used Easter Sunday as my “cheat” day. Since my mind was already wrapped around simplifying, packing for the rest of the family was so quick and easy too. Everyone had their car outfit that they could wear the rest of the day, and Easter clothes and a pair of PJs. If they did not want to wear their Easter clothes home in the car, they could change to PJs or back to the car clothes from the day before.  Usually when we travel each child has a bag with multiple outfits even if it is just an overnight, and we roll in like we are staying for a month or longer … no doubt shocking our host/hostess-friends into questioning in their head if we really did say we are staying for only one night. This time was different: one suitcase for the whole family and one toiletry bag.  This is success and progress.

Running out to the hair salon that day by donning my green sweater, jean skirt and white sneakers was a very different experience. For the simple fact that over time (and I am talking about the past twenty years of hitting the salon), I like to dress super cute and in my most fashionable outfit. I feel I need to look cute and fashionable in that environment so that I don’t come out of the salon with “mom hair” or a cut that was “so 5 years ago.”  I think this started when I was in NYC (and everyone I mean everyone) had the “Rachel” hair cut and the black elastic band Steve Madden slides. I did have that hair cut for about 5 minutes … and promptly moved on.  Setting myself apart was super important to me, so I was always going for the next look that was around the corner. What was new? What was cool? Since the internet (at least as we know it) had not really happened yet, styles changed much less quickly. Now it really kind of seems like anything goes … as long as it is well done. My girl Tammy did compliment my green sweater and my white sneakers (mark that down as three, no wait … make that two in-person compliments on my white sneakers).  This time I just got a color boost. I was quizzing Tammy on trends since am plotting for my next hair adventure. Holographic pastel highlights are a thought, or maybe a crazy weave … like a big head of blonde curls.   I had extensions put in once and they were fun, and also have an extensions halo: the “I want the bombshell” look. I questioned my girl on whether she could do it on my thin, fine, straight (and, in my mind, not very strong) hair.  I might try it. I think a wig would be to hot and itchy. Even though I secretly want to bring wigs back!

Since I already had my hair done, the only thing I had to do for church and dinner was change into my white oxford and touch up my makeup. Let me say, that was the easiest getting ready for church ever, and because I had extra time to boss everyone else around getting ready, we were early enough for church to drive through the long overdue car wash. Let me just say this: early for church never happens. And even after the little side trip, we were still early for church!

After church we headed to a restaurant, it was fun, trendy and delicious food (CLT peeps: go hit Kid Cashew … thanks Mel B!). However, I think we learned pretty quickly that people generally don’t bring their kids there. They had a kids menu and the server was incredibly accommodating, but when we walked in with our three kids, there was rubber necking going on worthy of a fender bender on a southern highway:  “Do I know them?”  “Oooh, that’s got to hurt.”  “What were they thinking?”  “Maybe we should help…”  (Nah, just kidding, that last one doesn’t really happen anymore, does it?)

I was slightly nervous that my kids would wipe something on my white shirt, since it had to be ready for my head shots on Monday.  As we took our seats I glanced around the room and yep, one of these things was not like the others…. Thankfully our kids know how to sit at a table and not make a scene, so haters gonna hate but we were good. (We did have one pouter since chicken nuggets were not a part of the kids’ menu.) I felt confident and happy in my crisp white shirt, denim skirt and platform sandals. I did stand out a little, as the clear favorite outfit in the room was the sheer tunic top and capri pants in various forms. Luckily my outfit made it out of dinner unscathed, and I could hang it in my closet ready for headshots.

My static wardrobe tip of the day: think about how you can change the look of your day outfit to evening-ready by just adding a necklace or changing your shirt and shoes. It’s an easy transition. This works with both the casual lifestyle and business; fun necklace and shoes will totally reinvent your look. Less is more, and having the time and space (both physical and mental) is so worth the change.

Tomorrow I will talk a little more about traveling and how to think about a minimal travel wardrobe.

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